Radiance Trio

One of the most effective and pain-free hair removal lasers on the market!

This laser safely treats Fitzpatrick I-VI and hair shades from dark to light. This high intensity Diode laser offers a high power output of 1200W and super short pulse duration. This device offers wavelengths of 755nm/808nm/1064nm to achieve the best hair reduction for every skin-type. The advanced TEC and sapphire contact cooling technology keeps skin properly cooled during the hair removal process. With a speed of up to 10 Hz and a spot size of 12, you can maximize profit with this efficient laser.
Technical Data:
  • 3 Wavelengths: Alexandrite 755nm, Diode 808nm, Yag 1064nm
  • USA made stable laser bar with 1200W high power output laser energy
  • 10-100m pulse duration to ensure painless destruction of hair follicles
  • 12mm spot size
  • Constant temperate refrigeration module keeps water temperature at 20-25 degrees, allowing machine to run endlessly throughout the workday
  • The TEC and sapphire contact cooling technology allows the terminal temperature to be controlled under 5 degrees Celsius.  This cools the skin properly without the risk of frostbite.
  • Treatment head display screen shows cooling temperature
  • The frequency reaches 10Hz, one of the fastest lasers available on the market
  • Super-light applicator for technician's comfort
  • Ability to save 5 commonly used parameters makes treatments convenient and quick
  • Spiral boost connector to insert applicator head with ease

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