All-purpose, energy-saving German Osram bulb, lamp life at least 10 years.

Halogen generally lasts 1,000 hours, the LED (Osram) lasts over 50,000, with Endoscopic Mode: 6. Lamp head shell made of aluminum alloy gives excellent heat dissipation performance. Adjustable color temperature reduces surgeon's eye fatigue and can be adjusted for different Fitzpatrick's skin tones. Good color rendering index can generally reach more than 95. The lamp holder rotates 360 degrees, large light field and wide operation scope.

Technical Data:
Illuminane: >-140,000Lux/>-120,000Lux
Color Temperature: 3800+-500K, 4400+-500K, 5000+-500K
Color Reduction Index (Ra): 95
Illuminance Depth: >-51"
Total Irradiance: 450W/M2/390W/M2
Size of Light Field: 6"-11"
LED Bulb: 3.3m W/M2lx
Service Life of Illuminant: 50,000 hours
Power Supply Voltage: AC110-240v, 50-60 Hz
Brightness Adjustment: Automatic 8-stage continuous light adjustment
Lowest Height of Installation: 114"
Total Power Consumption: 140W
Total LED Bulb Quantity: 180pcs (18*6+12*6)

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