Standard Configuration:
  1. Denmark LINAK medical motor system (4pcs motors, 1 pcs control box, 1 pcs handset)
  2. 4PCS PP side rails
  3. Soft link
  4. Central lock castors system
Optional Configuration:
  1. Mattress, mobile food table, back-up power system (UPS)
  2. Nurse control system (ACP)
  3. Quick fold down system (CPR)
  4. Taiwan TiMOTION Technology safety voltage motor
  1. Hight adjustable from 20 to 28 inches
  2. Backrest lifting angle is up to 80 degrees
  3. Knee rest lifting up to 40 degrees
  4. Trendelenburg is up to 12 degrees
  5. Reverse Trendelenburg is up to 12 degrees

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